run low

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run low

To near the end of a supply of something. We're running low on paper towels right now, so use them judiciously.
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run low (on something)

to near the end of a supply of something. We are running low on salt. It's time to buy more. The car is running low on gas.
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be/run ˈlow (on something)

not have much of something left: We’re running low on fuel. Do you think we’ll have enough to get home?
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During summer months, food banks tend to run low as the food donated during the holiday season begins to run out.
According to Marcy Roschitsch, co-owner of SCEP, "The tracking function allows clients to maintain inventory reports to be sure they don't run low on materials.
Knowing that mobile users may sometimes need to continue calls even when batteries run low, the M1500 headset is designed so it can be used while it's recharging, a capability unique to the M1500.
Due to heavy demand and equipment breakdowns, some households have run low on propane, including Level customers.
In this mode, the spacecraft recognizes when it has run low on power and puts itself to sleep for sufficient time to allow the batteries to recharge using incident sunlight.