bump into

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bump into (someone or something)

1. To touch or strike something or someone, usually lightly and unintentionally. I lost my balance and bumped into the person ahead of me in line. We need to move that coat rack because the door keeps bumping into it.
2. To randomly encounter someone. We didn't mean to exclude you! When Chad and I went out, we just bumped into the rest of the group, that's all. You won't believe who I bumped into at the airport.
See also: bump

bump into someone

 and run into someone 
1. Lit. to move inadvertently or crash into someone. Excuse me. I didn't mean to bump into you. The child on the bicycle nearly bumped into me.
2. Fig. to chance on someone; to meet someone by chance. (Not normally with physical contact.) Guess who I bumped into downtown today? I ran into Bill Jones yesterday.
See also: bump

bump into

1. Also, bump against. Collide, come in contact with; same as bang into. For example, It's easy to bump into furniture in the dark. [Mid-1800s]
2. Encounter, meet by chance, as in While I was downtown, I bumped into George. [Colloquial; 1880s] Also see run into.
See also: bump

bump into

1. To collide with someone or something accidentally: I wasn't looking where I was going and bumped into a garbage can.
2. To encounter someone or something by chance: I often bump into my friends at the grocery store.
See also: bump
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- If you've been on the internet for more than 25 minutes, you've most likely run into someone saying something you disagree with.
Something that, whenever you did run into someone you knew, you simply had to ask them whether they had seen "it" yet.
As marriage is "in sickness and in health", I wouldn't encourage him to run into someone else's arms without addressing these concerns.
As marriage is "in sickness and in health" I wouldn't encourage him to run into someone else's arms without addressing these concerns.
And he has assured that when I run into someone who needs his services, he's the one I recommend.
It is always extra nice when I run into someone who really appreciates trees.
The idea of turning a passion into a business is almost a cliche, but then you run into someone like Ileaa Swift.
Archdeacon Michael Thompson, general secretary of the Anglican Church of Canada, called ABC the "hot stove" of the church, a place "where people gathered to buy books and other things, and where often you would run into someone you wanted to see."
If they run into someone, it's the other person that will be hurt.
But how do you run into someone you know 3,000 miles away from home?
Graeme Souness was quite philosophical about losing the in-form Owen, saying: "Michael ran into young Steven in training, and if you're going to run into someone, you don't want it to be Tayls!
"If you run into someone who's hot, and Grosjean played well, you can't do anything about it.
On Internet security: "You rarely run into someone this good."--New York Police Detective Jahmal Daise, regarding high-school dropout Abraham Abdallah, 32, who allegedly stole millions of dollars from more than 200 CEOs listed in Forbes magazine in the largest theft of identities in the Internet's history.
"If you get a lot of people throwing themselves down a chute, they might land awkwardly or they may run into someone on the way down.