run in the/(one's) family

run in the/(one's) family

To be a hereditary trait or a characteristic frequently exhibited by members of a family. I wonder if she's pregnant with twins—they do run in our family, you know. Cassie's drawing will probably win the contest—artistic ability just runs in her family.
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run in the family

[for a characteristic] to appear in many (or all) members of a family. My grandparents lived well into their nineties, and it runs in the family. My brothers and I have red hair. It runs in the family.
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run in the ˈfamily

(of a physical characteristic or moral quality) be something that many members of a family have: He was never going to live long because heart disease runs in both families.Good looks run in the family.
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run in the blood/family, to

To be characteristic of a family or peculiar to a nation, ethnic group, or other group. Richard Brinsley Sheridan used this expression in 1777 in The School for Scandal (3.3): “Learning that had run in the family like an heirloom!”
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