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To whom it is no matter what living waters run high or low, reflect the heavenly lights and darknesses, produce their little growth of weeds and flowers, turn here, turn there, are noisy or still, are troubled or at rest, for their course has one sure termination, though their sources and devices are many.
As when the waves run high before the blast of the south wind and break on some lofty headland, dashing against it and buffeting it without ceasing, as the storms from every quarter drive them, even so did the Achaeans rise and hurry in all directions to their ships.
Concerns run high over falling stock prices; high levels of margin trading, or investors borrowing money from a broker to purchase stock; high-risk loans that depend on stock as collateral; and pressures on large institutions to hold stocks to maintain a price level in stock indices.
Many of these spills are caused by oil theft and pipeline sabotage, a crime committed daily in the Niger Delta, where frustrations among millions of people in poverty run high.
When it comes to divorce, emotions and the desire to be litigious often run high.
Tensions across the lines of race, class and region run high in Los Angeles.
The Irish settlers are particularly abused and disdained by the English, and resentments run high.
But since Ozon has spent almost a decade turning out such nervy, quirky stuff (see immediately Sitcom and Under the Sand, if you haven't already), it's natural that expectations run high for Swimming Pool, his first English-language film, teaming him again with Charlotte Rampling, whose career he reignited two years ago in Under the Sand.
Shannon was nominated by Broad Run High School in Ashburn, and Jessica was nominated by Blacksburg Middle School in Blacksburg.
Never the pitch-efficient sort anyway, Washburn tends to run high pitch counts against the disciplined Oakland hitters.
Even in a town with Quakers and Mennonites, feelings run high against pacifists as other local boys are fighting and dying in the war.
The grooved-feed unit reportedly processes polyolefins at high rates with uniform melt quality and consistent temperature and pressure, and is said to efficiently run high percentages of regrind or scrap.
The ability of the network to run high bandwidth services using voice, video and data concurrently was critical to support the arena's services including POS, high speed internet access, and video security systems.
Saunders can't predict exactly how he'll react when emotions run high again, but he has a plan devised just in case.
Emotions run high about the sale of Hershey, a company that dates back to 1894 and lent its name to its headquarters' town.