run for (one's) money

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run for (one's) money

1. A prolonged period of success. The slot machine gave me a run for my money, but, in the end, the casino was the only real winner.
2. A challenge. Sure, Sheila still became valedictorian, but Tim really gave her a run for her money!
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*a run for one's money

1. Fig. the results or rewards one deserves, expects, or wants. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I get a run for my money at the club tennis tournament. I had a run for my money in the stock market.
2. Fig. a challenge. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Bob got a run for his money when he tried to beat Mary at pool. Bill got a run for his money playing cards with John.
See also: money, run

a (good) run for your ˈmoney

1 a lot of satisfaction or pleasure from something; good value for something: I’ve had a good run for my money as director of this company, but now I think it’s time someone younger took over.
2 strong and satisfying competition, opposition, etc: They may not beat your team but they’ll certainly give you a good run for your money.
See also: money, run
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THE life of North Wales actor Meredith Edwards who enjoyed a remarkable 50-year screencareer, was celebrated last night when his finest performance was shown in his home town of Rhos, Wrexham The 1949Ealing comedy A Run For Your Money,Edwards' debut film, was the highlight of the Classic Reels on Wheels national film tour, which came to its stop at The Stiwt Theatre.
A Run for Your Money revolves around two Welsh miners - Twm (Edwards)and Dai (Donald Houston)-- who win a competition for tickets to an England v Wales rugby match at Twickenham.