run for life

run for (one's) life

To run as fast as one possibly can, as if (or because) one is in a dangerous or grave situation. We ran for our lives when we heard that a lion had escaped from its cage. I ran for my life trying to get to the train on time, but it began pulling away just as I got to the platform. You'll have to run for your life if you want to have any chance of qualifying for the varsity team.
See also: life, run

run for one's life

to run away to save one's life. The dam has burst! Run for your life! The captain told us all to run for our lives.
See also: life, run
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I ATTENDED the Sunday afternoon Run for Life at Leeds Road Playing Fields.
PUPILS and staff at West Hill Primary School, Hednesford, joined thousands of amateur athletes across the country to take part in the Sports Relief Run For Life.
Pupils took part in the Run For Life at their own speed, and teachers joined in, too.
Hundreds of women take part in yesterday's Run For Life event in Rhyl to raise money for breast cancer research
Cancer Research UK is appealing for people to take part in the 5km Run For Life on Monday, July 2 at Maiden Castle Sports Centre.