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run for (something)

1. To flee or travel quickly to some place or state. We ran for cover when we felt the rain coming. The sirens alert citizens to incoming attacks, giving them time to run for safety Remember to run for the cellar if you ever see a tornado coming.
2. To attempt to become elected to a certain public position or office that is decided by a vote. The CEO of the company announced that she is running for President of the United States. You should run for district attorney—you have the experience and credentials for it.
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run for something

1. to travel quickly by running to a place of safety. The picnickers ran for the shelter when the rain started to fall. Tom and Jane ran for the house as soon as they heard your call.
2. to try to be elected to a particular office. Who's going to run for president? I am running for mayor.
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run for

1. To flee toward something or some place, especially for shelter or safety: When it started to rain, we ran for shelter.
2. To compete to be elected to some office or position: Four nominees ran for club treasurer.
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If, for example, we run for 60 seconds (one minute), we must rest for 2 1/2 to 4 minutes.