run eye over

run an/(one's) eye over (something)

To examine or review something quickly or perfunctorily. I always run an eye over my desk to make sure I have everything before I leave the office at night. You don't have to read this document in detail—just run your eye over it when you get a chance.
See also: eye, over, run

run one's eye over something

Fig. to gaze at the whole of something; to glance at all of something. She ran her eyes over the lines of the automobile and nodded her approval. He ran his eyes over the drawing and decided that he had to have it.
See also: eye, over, run

cast/run an ˈeye/your ˈeyes over something

look at or examine something quickly: ‘This looks great,’ he said, casting an eye around the room.Could you just run your eyes over this report for me?
See also: cast, eye, over, run, something