run circles around

run circles around someone

 and run rings around someone
Fig. to outrun or outdo someone. (Alludes to someone who runs fast enough to run in circles around a competitor and still win the race.) John is a much better racer than Mary. He can run circles around her. Mary can run rings around Sally.
See also: around, circle, run
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Here's the problem: His sex drive could run circles around mine.
Suleimani seemed a man who could run circles around rival commanders.
For the second straight game-- on the road too-- the San Antonio Spurs run circles around the Miami Heat's defense.
They can run circles around men in trust, loyalty and honesty.
Head of animal division Eveline De Wolf said: "The trio of calves are extremely mischievous, they love to run circles around their mums, so we've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the warmer weather to see them fully interact with their new surroundings.
He said the Iranian negotiators were highly-skilled people who would run circles around American officials.
MEMS Tackling Sports: Solutions for a range of activities and gear run circles around the old-school pedometer
While in the movie, Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) run circles around each other for two decades, trying to avoid yet wanting to be with each other, life doesn't work that way.
Even if governments try to enforce the law, companies have armies of lawyers to run circles around them.
ACROSS the country politicians are known for their inability to handle their babus who run circles around them.
The success of the DIDXchange wholesale phone number marketplace continues to run circles around our expectations, but we are never satisfied and always work to do more in the smartest way for our vendors and customers," said Rehan Allahwala, CEO of DIDXchange.
It feels good knowing we GAC veterans can still run circles around them.
Britain) and Mavris (advanced aerospace systems analysis, Georgia Institute of Technology) draw material from similar courses they teach to write a textbook introducing graduate students to model-based architecture and systems engineering practices in an era when changes in theory and computation can run circles around the completion of a single large system using traditional approaches.
A newly discovered planetary ring can run circles around all the others.
and attentive (and a stranger) and run circles around reason.