run (something) by (one)

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run (something) by (one)

To casually explain something to one or inform one about something, typically in order to solicit their opinion or feedback. I have an idea I'd like to run by you. OK, run the plan by me one more time.
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run something by (someone) (again)

to explain something to someone again; to say something to someone again. I didn't hear you. Please run that by me again. Please run it by so we can all hear it.
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run by someone

Try out on someone, as in Let me run this idea by you and see what you think of it. [Colloquial; 1900s]
See also: by, run, someone

run by

1. To run near or alongside someone or something: We were walking in the woods when suddenly a big moose ran by.
2. To encounter something while walking or running: We ran by two waterfalls during our hike in the mountains.
3. To tell, explain, or demonstrate something to someone: Please run those instructions by me again—I didn't hear them all.
4. To come to some place for a brief period of time: I ran by the store after work to pick up some milk.
See also: by, run
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A spokesman of the department said here Tuesday that Deputy Director Environment Shaukat Hayat along with Enforcement Inspector Rana Mohammad Siddique and his team conducted a visit in Dhuddiwala and found medical waste in a junkyard being run by one Asif.
The challenge, named YouTrade, was run by One North East and the North East Regional Portal .
In Tyne and Wear, which is split into five areas each run by one council, there are 3,221 people for every councillor.
Jasmine is attracted to a boy who was a resident of a group home run by one of the brother's wives.
The machine erects a pre-glued carton, applies one membrane, fills and seals a second membrane into the pack all in a single operation, which can be run by one operator.
Shares in Perot Systems Corp rocketed 153% to $40.5 when trading began yesterday as investors clamored for stock in a company run by one of the legends in the world's IT industry.