run between

run between (someone or something)

1. To travel through the space between two people or things while running. The criminal ran between the two police officers and slipped into a side alley. We had great fun running between the stacks of boxes in the warehouse for our game of tag.
2. To travel to and from multiple people, things, or locations very quickly, as by running. There were so many people at the table that I had to keep running between the kitchen and the dining area to get all the food out in a timely manner. The assistant spent the day running between the director and the studio executives to pass their comments and suggestions back and forth.
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run between (something and something else)

1. to travel between someone or something, running. I spent all afternoon running between my office and the conference room. We ran between the two quarreling people all day long, trying to settle the argument.
2. to pass between someone or something, running. The child ran between the two ladies, giving them quite a start. Please don't run between the bushes. You will wear a path there.
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"Run the gantlet" was originally a military punishment in which the victim was forced to run between two rows of people who beat him as he passed.
"I run between 12 and 20 miles a week I do it for mental health," he says.
Zone Blocking, Inside Zone - designed to help us run between the tackles; and Outside Zone, designed to go outside using sweep action.