run around after

run around after (someone or something)

1. To chase a person or animal all around an area or from place to place. I thought a trip to the museum would be fun, but I just spent the whole time running around after the kids. The first job my uncle gave me on the farm was to run around after the chickens so we could give them their vaccinations.
2. To pursue someone or something with continual persistence in order to obtain or ensure something. As the project manager, most of my day is spent running around after all the various pieces other people are working on. I've had to run around after these builders for weeks to make sure the work gets finished on time.
3. To spend time doing things on behalf of or for the sake of someone or something else, especially children. I spend so much of my day running after my children that I barely have time to do anything for myself. I didn't take this promotion just so I could run around after the boss like a glorified PA.
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run around after someone or something

to chase after someone or something; to seek after someone or something. Where have you been? I've run around after you all over town! I have been running around after the right-sized shoes all morning.
See also: after, around, run
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