run aground

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run aground (on something)

[for a ship] to ram its hull into something beneath the water and get stuck. The ship ran aground on a reef and had to wait for high tide to get free. I was afraid we would run aground in the storm.
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A CARGO ship drifting without crew in heavy seas was expected to run aground after a final attempt to attach a line to her failed.
He said the Maltese-registered ship, which was listing heavily, would run aground, ideally on sand.
An Australian navy boat is attempting to turn back an Indonesian fishing boat carrying 130 asylum seekers that has run aground on a reef off Australia's northwest coast, Defense Minister Peter Reith said Tuesday.
Reith said the boat, believed to be carrying 126 Afghanis, four Iranians and five Indonesian crew, has run aground on the outer edge of Ashmore Reef -- inside Australian waters but outside Australia's migration zone.
Most people did not immediately think of their bank accounts when they heard that the Valdez had run aground.
The 44-foot-long Cambria, carrying four people, had run aground on Alice Shoals about 150 miles southwest of Jamaica and was listing 40 degrees as it took on water.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultramar Corporation (NYSE: ULR) reported today that the 89,000-deadweight-ton tanker "Braer," which was on a single-voyage charter to Canadian Ultramar Limited, its Canadian subsidiary, has run aground off the coast of the Shetland Islands at Garths Ness.
30pm on Tuesday to search for the anglers' boat, which had run aground near Penarth.
TEN people we re airlifted off a speedboat yesterday after a swell in tide caused it to run aground.
It is a common step taken by the coast guard against the skippers of ships that run aground, the officials said.
But a spokesman for Faslane Peace Camp said: "If the sub has run aground it is a more open target to terrorists.