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So Jubiloso's participation in Friday's Coronation Stakes - on the back of scores at Chelmsford and Newbury this spring - appears to run against the grain.
When North is held up near the flag, Biggar arrives quickly at the ensuing ruck and acts as scrum-half, throwing out a short pass which allows Hill to run against the grain through the remaining cover.
That seems to run against the grain of open access.
So their current economic problems rather run against the grain of a national reticence to get excited about things.
He also spends one chapter explaining why offensive wars of occupation run against the grain of US tradition and political culture.
Since self-purchases are often in the apparel category, that sector suffered last year and, says Delk, may well do so again this year.Even if people felt like splurging for the holidays, any boost in spending on gifts and entertaining would have to run against the grain of what remains a strong inclination toward austerity in discretionary outlays.
Drawing upon evidence from archival records and oral history, Dore makes two contentious, well-supported claims about Diriomo's past which run against the grain of the prevailing Nicaraguan and Central American historiography.
There seems to be a universal law of entropy that works against rules and wears them down when they run against the grain of common usage.
They defy existing rules, run against the grain of prevailing public opinion, raise unpleasant issues for public discussion, and demand that public or official power be exercised equitably and humanely, according to internationally accepted standards of democratic pluralism and human rights.
Your track record also has enabled you to get away with some splendidly Rudinesque traits that run against the grain in corporate Hollywood: You yell and scream a lot.
You long to say,``slow down and think again,in a couple of days none of this will matter''.That, though, would be to run against the grain of nature.
Buttner's images, which run against the grain of the "good brushstroke," attest to an obsessive desire for erasure, an impulse to subject redemptive ideologies to a painterly torture.
These cases of African American parolees in Georgia run against the grain of prevailing accounts of Georgia's prison system.
It wasn't the first time Carter had run against the grain of stereotypical expectations.