run against

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run against (someone or something)

1. To compete against someone or something. Their smartphone design is a really excellent alternative to the two predominant operating systems, but I don't know how they'll be able to run against such massive corporations. He's actually running against an old high school buddy in the election for mayor.
2. To oppose, contravene, or work against to someone or something. The former CEO's actions run against everything this company stands for; as such, she has been immediately removed from her position. The governor's newest policy is running against a large portion of voters who put him into office.
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run against someone

to compete against someone for elective office. Eisenhower ran against Adlai Stevenson in 1952. Not many people run against an incumbent.
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run against

1. Also, run up against or run into. Encounter something, especially a difficulty, unexpectedly. For example, We didn't know we'd run up against so much opposition, or He ran into trouble with his taxes. [Late 1300s]
2. Work against, as in Public sentiment ran against her. [Late 1300s]
3. Oppose for elective office, as in Susan decided to run against a very popular incumbent. This usage is a figurative application of running in a footrace. [First half of 1800s]
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run against

1. To work against something or someone; oppose something or someone: The company's policies are running against public opinion.
2. To compete with someone for an elected position: I plan to run against my old rival in the election.
3. To encounter some unexpected obstacle: The contractor ran against some difficulties in trying to complete the project.
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No Republicans filed to run against Democratic Reps.
John Kitzhaber, and five candidates are seeking the GOP nomination to run against U.
The council allowed the only three prominent politicians who registered as challengers to run against Ahmadi-nejad: Karrubi and Musavi from the reformist side and Mohsen Rezai from a conservatives faction that opposed Ahmadi-nejad.
Fleitman, a doctor from Northampton, Vietnam veteran Thomas Wesley of Hopedale, and Thomas McCarthy have all taken out papers to run against Mr.
Republicans Jeffrey Donnelly and Timothy McLaughlin have taken out papers to run against U.
Junior oil minister Angelina Teny and presidential adviser Alfred Gorre told Reuters they would run against their own Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) because they disapproved of the party's official candidates.
He added that he would love to run against Mr Lieberman, but added that, at this stage, it was "all fantasy".
RTE pundit Colm O'Rourke is not included in the betting after publicly stating that he will not run against Boylan.
I would have loved to have run against Jean Augustine in our riding and defeated her for the nomination.
Braving a hail of bullets from antiaircraft guns and fighters, he pressed home a run against the carrier Hiryu, dropping his bomb from 400 feet.
Giddings, for example, would have had to run against another black incumbent.
To demonstrate the IAFIS latent print search technique, the FBI encouraged law enforcement representatives who attended the July 2000 International Association of Identification (IAI) meeting in Charleston, West Virginia, to bring with them any latent fingerprint evidence from unsolved cases so that the prints could be run against the FBI's criminal database of 4l million entries for a match.
The donees also contended that because the limitations period had run against the donors and the donors had paid the tax due, pursuant to Sec.
Learn from the past - The software enables rules to be set up and then run against past events.