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rump session

a meeting held after a larger meeting. A rump session continued after the meeting was adjourned. A lot of business was conducted in the rump session.
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1. n. the hindquarters; the buttocks; the posterior. He fell on his rump.
2. tv. to flog someone on the buttocks. I’m going to get rumped when my dad gets home.


n. a homosexual male. (Refers to pederasty.) A bunch of rump-rangers drifted in just as we drifted out.
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As vice president of Litigation Solutions for Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services, Rump is based at the CT Summation office in San Francisco.
Obviously, when the Ryder Cup comes to Wales I will be extremely busy preparing to welcome the American Rump Ryder Cup team to my country and to show them the same hospitality my wife and I were shown on our visit.
The move came after Von Rump voluntarily resigned his post to see to personal matters.
Over the past few quarters, Jay's financial experience and leadership has provided VTEL and its shareholders with a renewed perspective of our business, particularly through last year's reorganization process," said Von Rump.
Mini Babybel and rump steak were replaced by larger and therefore more expensive packs, while the cost of the basket was further increased as cherry tomatoes and own-label kidney beans were replaced by more expensive varieties.
Ken and Vic bring a wealth of knowledge to VTEL Solutions and are playing key roles in its future," stated Stephen Von Rump, chief executive officer and president of VTEL.
Rump specials last week were partly offset by higher sirloin prices.
Stephen Von Rump, chief executive officer and president of VTEL(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:VTEL), is featured on CEOcast, a leading online financial forum.
Contract notice: execution of construction and installation works consisting of the construction of medium pressure gas network in the municipality of herby - rump.
I am pleased to have an individual of Brian's caliber and enthusiasm leading our sales organization at a time when we've set very aggressive growth goals," said Tom Rump.
We are unleashing the power of a common vision by providing our products and solutions businesses with the autonomy and clarity of charter they need to grow and succeed on their own," said Stephen Von Rump, VTEL chief executive officer and president.
DataWeaver's extensive knowledge of visual communications applications enabled us to quickly assimilate an experienced engineering team dedicated entirely to providing continuous and timely enhancements of our flagship Galaxy videoconferencing systems," said Stephen Von Rump, CEO and president of VTEL.
VTEL CEO and President Stephen Von Rump said that Ivron is no stranger to VTEL.
We are delighted to welcome CUseeMe into VTEL's MVP and look forward to working together to bring customers cutting-edge video network solutions," said Stephen Von Rump, VTEL chief executive officer and president.
VTEL is committed to providing our customers the highest quality and most feature rich PC-based videoconferencing systems to meet their visual communication needs," said Stephen Von Rump, VTEL chief executive officer and president.