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rump session

a meeting held after a larger meeting. A rump session continued after the meeting was adjourned. A lot of business was conducted in the rump session.
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1. n. the hindquarters; the buttocks; the posterior. He fell on his rump.
2. tv. to flog someone on the buttocks. I’m going to get rumped when my dad gets home.


n. a homosexual male. (Refers to pederasty.) A bunch of rump-rangers drifted in just as we drifted out.
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All five body measurements (body length, withers height, heart girth, rump and forehead) were included in model and through stepwise elimination procedure, two of the body measurements (rump and forehead) were found to be unfit in the model.
But the envisioned Alawite rump state would be different in the sense that it would control a defined geographic area rather than being a major political movement within a larger state.
Members of the initial Pheasant Rump First Nation were forced on to White Bear First Nation in 1901.
The shape, color and design of the beaded horse mask, with matching martingale with beaded and fringed reigns with matching beaded saddle bag on the horse's rump is incredible.
More recently, ultrasonic measurements of rump fat depth have been used to successfully quantify moose condition and reproductive success (Stephenson et al.
A vet who examined Amber found a 2cm deep slice-like wound on her rump consistent with an injury from a sharp instrument.
Meanwhile, take your rump steak and griddle to sear on all sides to your liking.
I had a cracking dinner this week of tasty lamb rump.
And no butts about it: You're probably the only one who notices your uneven rump.
The real power behind the figurehead Karzai is the Northern Alliance, the rump of the old Afghan Communist Party," Margolis concludes.
They later gathered in a rump caucus and began operating as the county party's true executive committee.
Moreover, the sheep only develops the characteristic big rump when the dad contributes the special gene version and the mom provides the common form.
The meat in question was rump steak or as Jamie called it "a big old boy".
As director of business affairs for the Cuyahoga Falls City School District, David Rump is responsible for overseeing all aspects of facility management for the 15-building school system.
The Sportsman's Rump Rester, a ground hunting seat, is designed for hunting and bank fishing.