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rumour campaign

A concentrated and prolonged effort to damage or ruin someone's or some group's reputation through the perpetuation of rumours, innuendos, and/or falsities, generally as a means of persuading a large amount of people against him, her, or them. Primarily heard in UK. Finding himself at the wrong end of a vicious rumour campaign, the local MP's slim lead heading into the election quickly evaporated. I think we need to start a rumour campaign to slow down the competitor's growth in the market, but no one can know that it's coming from us!
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rumour mill

The source from or process by which rumours are generated, spread, and perpetuated among a group of people. Primarily heard in UK. Listen, Barry, you can't believe everything that comes out of the rumour mill. I can guarantee you that there will be no redundancies this year. One of the downsides of gaining celebrity status is having every aspect of your life subjected to the Hollywood rumour mill.
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rumor has it (that)

It is being rumored that. Rumor has it that the boss is using the company profits to pay off his own gambling debts. No one is certain where the money went, but rumor has it the CEO has been embezzling the funds into offshore accounts.
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rumour has it

COMMON People say rumour has it when they are telling you something that they have heard, but do not necessarily think is true. Rumour has it that tickets were being sold for £300.
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rumour has it

it is rumoured.
1993 Margaret Atwood The Robber Bride It's a good thing Roz didn't invest in that one, rumour has it that the backers are losing a shirt or two.
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In 2016, the number of rumours the civic body verified jumped to 28.
However, new forms of technology have been utilised in rumour activity.
DAME Smith's report reveals many BBC staff were aware of rumours about Savile's depravity.
People may act on the basis of a rumour even if they don't believe it.
The rumours have definitely reached the ears of West Bromwich Albion who has unusually taken the thing publicly.
The "great aversion among the public" part-of-the-statement might have been called propaganda - as opposed to a rumour - by some.
India, March 6 -- Fresh rumours circulating online state that Apple's long-time manufacturing partner, Foxconn may have already started production work on the iPhone 5S.
The impact of the rumour was felt most in Salem, Dharmapuri and other districts in western Tamil Nadu.
Shinde said all reports of a possible attack on northeastern people are only rumours.
Mr Jones added: "I'm not sure what anyone starting a rumour like this seeks to achieve, apart from creating uncertainty and worry.
The defender, 29, now playing for Sunderland, was the subject of internet rumours that he had been killed in a car crash while on holiday in LA.
find out the reasons of rumour vitality and the factors of their spreading.
The Financial Services Authority believe traders may have started the rumours to cash in on the turmoil in financial markets.
Those who spread rumours and spread information obtained from unknown sources will be held legally accountable, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has warned.
Emirati writer Maryam Al Kaabi says the UAE has been targeted by numerous, diverse and baseless rumours over the last six years.