rumor has it that

rumor has it (that)

It is being rumored that. Rumor has it that the boss is using the company profits to pay off his own gambling debts. No one is certain where the money went, but rumor has it the CEO has been embezzling the funds into offshore accounts.
See also: rumor

rumor has it that...

there is a rumor that... Rumor has it that Fred is seeing Mary and that they are engaged.
See also: rumor, that
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Rumor has it that fans may not have seen the last of Tony Stark in the franchise just yet as the character may be headed back to the MCU for an "Ironheart" TV show.
He regularly ate the remains of sea urchins and other marine organisms he had used in experiments, claiming that "to know your organism, you must eat it." Rumor has it that when his research interests expanded from marine biology to insect genetics at Columbia University, he took to eating fruit fly pupae -- the brown, cocoon-enclosed maturing insects -- claiming they tasted like Grape Nuts.