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rumor campaign

A concentrated and prolonged effort to damage or ruin someone's or some group's reputation through the perpetuation of rumors, innuendos, and/or falsities, generally as a means of persuading a large number of people against him, her, or them. Primarily heard in US. The local sheriff's slim lead heading into the election quickly evaporated after he found himself at the wrong end of a vicious rumor campaign. I think we need to start a rumor campaign to slow down the competitor's growth in the market, but no one can know that it's coming from us!
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rumor mill

The source from, or process by, which rumors are generated, spread, and perpetuated among a group of people. Primarily heard in US. Listen, Barry, you can't believe everything that comes out of the rumor mill. I can guarantee you that there will be no layoffs this year. One of the downsides of having a celebrity status is having every aspect of your life subjected to the Hollywood rumor mill.
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rumor has it (that)

It is being rumored that. Rumor has it that the boss is using the company profits to pay off his own gambling debts. No one is certain where the money went, but rumor has it the CEO has been embezzling the funds into offshore accounts.
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latrine rumor

dated In the military, any gossip, rumor, or unfounded information passed along in the latrines of soldiers. If the latrine rumors are to be believed, we're going to be relocated to an area outside of Danang next week. You shouldn't believe every latrine rumor you hear, son. When soldiers have too much time on their hands, they start spinning stories.
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rumor has it that...

there is a rumor that... Rumor has it that Fred is seeing Mary and that they are engaged.
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latrine rumor

(ləˈtrin ˈrumɚ)
n. any rumor, especially one that is alleged to spread at the latrine [general toilet facilities]. (see also furphy, scuttlebutt.) Somebody started spreading a latrine rumor about the colonel’s wife.
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Apart from Duterte's visit, there were rumors that Eusebio and Vice Mayor Iyo Caruncho Bernardo were suspended because of their failure to address the drug problem in the city.
A new study at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev develops a new methodology for tracking rumors and offers guidelines for first responders and official agencies on how to control the rumors.
By the comparison of the basic reproduction number of SIWR rumor propagation model and SIR rumor propagation model, it is discovered that the basic reproductive number of SIWR rumor propagation model is greater than the basic reproductive number SIR rumor propagation model, which means that SIR model would underestimate the basic reproduction number.
However, rumors suggest that this year Microsoft is likely to keep its MWC presence a low-key affair.
Remember how you felt before you pass along an injurious rumor about others.
It seems that Ahmad Abu Hashima is as sick of hearing rumors about him getting back with ex Haifa Wehbe just as much as we are
They found that a positive rumor usually leads to a positive return on the following trading day, while a negative message leads to a negative return on the following trading day.
These rumors were specifically chosen to exhibit the harm caused by online rumors, and the punishment for those who spread them, according to the paper.
I think a lot of people will be surprised to learn that using the Internet doesn't necessarily promote belief in rumors.
The following day, Pope Shenouda had to personally meet with some monks and pastors to calm them down and prove that his death is only a rumor.
A critical element of rumor is that there is a lack of certainty as to the validity of its message; that is, it is an unconfirmed proposition.
Among their topics are categories of rumors, their effects, why people spread them, how rumors help people make sense of uncertainty, how harmful rumors can be managed, and the future of rumor research.
The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce folks said they've heard that rumor for about 10 years and it seems to have flared up again.
Hollywood has always coveted its rumor mill, going back to the buzz that "Birth of a Nation" was going over budget.
On October 13, The Wall Street Journal ran an article titled "Student's Suicide Sets Off Explosion of Theories by Blogs," which dismissed claims of a terrorist angle as unfounded and portrayed the bloggers who wrote about the case as irresponsible rumor mongers.