rummage around

rummage around (somewhere) (for something)

to move things about haphazardly while looking for something somewhere. Alice rummaged around in the drawer for a candy bar she had been saving. After she rummaged around for the candy bar, she found it. She rummaged around in the old trunk.
See also: around, rummage
References in classic literature ?
Then we would make up the rest of the standing army out of commonplace materi- als, and officer it with nobodies, as was proper -- nobodies selected on a basis of mere efficiency -- and we would make this regiment toe the line, allow it no aristocratic freedom from restraint, and force it to do all the work and persistent hammering, to the end that whenever the King's Own was tired and wanted to go off for a change and rummage around amongst ogres and have a good time, it could go without uneasiness, knowing that matters were in safe hands behind it, and business going to be continued at the old stand, same as usual.
They need to be able to hop around, play, generally rummage around and graze, ideally, so make sure your rabbit has the opportunity to do this daily.
Keith Lemon (left) dons a Santa hat to rummage around the homes of mystery celebs.
The glamorous model is used to living the high life, but she got a taste of what it's like to be like everyone else as she had to open her bags and rummage around for her receipts in front of a crowd of onlookers.
This is one to rummage around behind the initial sound to unearth Morgan's disarmingly candid storytelling that recalls the bluesmen of old but with a post hip-hop generation twist.
Visitors could stroll down Weatherfield's cobbled street, rummage around the knicker factory and pop into The Kabin to pick up a paper.
Mike then had to climb into the skip and rummage around for the gifts for his daughters Katherine, 23, Victoria, 21 and Emily, 19.
It also means a speedier service - drinks are delivered quickly by the automated system - and airline staff no longer need to rummage around in trays looking for a passenger's preference.
While you're at it, rummage around in the Web site's trademark label section.
For example, if they want a block of Red Leicester cheese for 1 [pounds sterling], they have to hold open the door, put their hand in it and rummage around until they find the piece they want.
CELEBRITIES always ask shopkeepers to close their stores down especially for them to have a good old rummage around but now it is your chance to have your very own exclusive shop.
He certainly never expected an inquisitive Charlie to rummage around in there.
With its unique character, walking into the Pumping Station is like walking into a covered market place, with all the excitement and thrill of the chase - a perfect place to rummage around in the hope of unearthing a special find.
In the wild, kakapos rummage around for plants from which they suck juices.
There is the constant feeding, striking, rebaiting, feeding and so on, together with the need to rummage around the swim at every depth to exploit its potential, which isn't the sort of fishing that will suit any anglers who want to sit back to enjoy a coffee and a meat pie.