ruminate about

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ruminate about (something)

To give great consideration to something; to ponder on or think about something very deeply. We sat ruminating about various ways to improve our business model when Janet suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Well, your review has certainly given me plenty to ruminate about.
See also: ruminate

ruminate about something

 and ruminate on something
to ponder and think about something. (Alludes to a cow, relaxing and chewing its cud, as if it is thinking.) He sat, ruminating about the events of the day, humming and eating peanuts. Let me ruminate on this a little bit.
See also: ruminate
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During the course of their letters, the two writers commiserate over doomed love affairs, compete to produce the most misery-soaked Genet quote, and ruminate on public sex, Zeeland's scarily close connection to Andrew Cunanan, and a shared thesis that gay life is often a lot more hassle than it's worth.
Act II's autobiographical "It's About Time" lags when Davison sets aside the first act's marvelous undercurrent of object manipulation to ruminate on timely concerns.