ruminate about

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ruminate about something

 and ruminate on something
to ponder and think about something. (Alludes to a cow, relaxing and chewing its cud, as if it is thinking.) He sat, ruminating about the events of the day, humming and eating peanuts. Let me ruminate on this a little bit.
References in classic literature ?
He had nothing left for it but to stir his tea round, and round, and round, and ruminate on all the fascinations of the locksmith's lovely daughter.
When Prince Bladud had been shut up in the lofty turret for the greater part of a year, with no better prospect before his bodily eyes than a stone wall, or before his mental vision than prolonged imprisonment, he naturally began to ruminate on a plan of escape, which, after months of preparation, he managed to accomplish; considerately leaving his dinner-knife in the heart of his jailer, lest the poor fellow (who had a family) should be considered privy to his flight, and punished accordingly by the infuriated king.
There's the vague feeling that Wong wants to ruminate on the Hong Kong of the past (his work often is awash in nostalgia) and the future (occasional newsreel footage inserts some political commentary), but ``2046,'' at its best, is simply Wong being Wong, delivering eroticism of the highest order, working on a level that no one else can hope to match.
During the course of their letters, the two writers commiserate over doomed love affairs, compete to produce the most misery-soaked Genet quote, and ruminate on public sex, Zeeland's scarily close connection to Andrew Cunanan, and a shared thesis that gay life is often a lot more hassle than it's worth.
Act II's autobiographical "It's About Time" lags when Davison sets aside the first act's marvelous undercurrent of object manipulation to ruminate on timely concerns.
This week, mPower Chief Investment Officer Scott Lummer takes a moment to ruminate on what exactly happened to stocks during the second quarter of 2000.