ruminate about

ruminate about (something)

To give great consideration to something; to ponder on or think about something very deeply. We sat ruminating about various ways to improve our business model when Janet suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Well, your review has certainly given me plenty to ruminate about.
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ruminate about something

 and ruminate on something
to ponder and think about something. (Alludes to a cow, relaxing and chewing its cud, as if it is thinking.) He sat, ruminating about the events of the day, humming and eating peanuts. Let me ruminate on this a little bit.
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Meanwhile, a load of DLT followers ruminate about how the world's gone potty if you can't whistle at a pretty girl these days.
We think that high emotional intimacy and sharing in the marriage may encourage a woman's tendency to ruminate about her depression, disrupting her ability to be available and supportive with her children," she said.
The master apologist did not ruminate about himself overmuch.
The collection illuminates life so you can ruminate about its sweetness and richness (hence the "chocolate" in the title).
Although as editorial page editor and writer she was no doubt called upon to apply her subtle understanding of Washington anthropology in deciding where the Post should stand on various issues, as a writer--and henceforth, when I refer to "Greenfield," you can assume I mean Greenfield the columnist and author--she seemed content to ruminate about human frailty and folly.
In fact, individuals suffering from depression often ruminate about being depressed.