rule against (someone or something)

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rule against (someone or something)

To issue a judgment that goes against someone's or something's case. The judge ruled against the father, stating that he had not shown adequate reason to have sole custody of the children.
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rule against someone or something

to give a judgment against someone or something. The judge ruled against the prosecutor. The judge ruled against my motion.
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rule against

To deliver a judgment that is not favorable to someone or something: The court ruled against the plaintiff, and no damages were awarded.
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Justice Department has asked a federal appeals court to halt the enforcement of a broad antitrust ruling against Qualcomm on Tuesday, citing backing from the Energy Department and Defense Department, Reuters' Stephen Nellis reports.
A US district court of appeal in California has handed down a final ruling against the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) for its removal of the Taiwan flag from its office, because it violated the organization's own rules, announced the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) yesterday (March 2).
The citizen cited other reasons, upon which she requested the court to repeal the ruling against her.
Otu in his ruling against the application said it was an abuse of court process, noting that he had not determined his jurisdiction to entertain the case, hence he ruled against the oral application.
Some people have made it appear that any ruling against Sen.
Summary: Saudi prince and businessman Alwaleed bin Talal said Tuesday that a court's ruling against his company brought by LBCI is nothing but another legal hurdle.
Islamabad -- The Speaker of National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has decided to give ruling against Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid on passing derogatory remarks against parliament and castigated on National Assembly.
"Principally, the issuance of a ruling against a foreign country runs counter to the principle of equality of states and is in violation of their immunity under international law," Qassemi said, adding, "The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to oppose and follow up on the ruling."
A day earlier, President Trump slammed the latest federal court ruling against his proposed visa ban.
"It goes against the spirit of the laws of the people's republic of China," the couple's lawyer Shi Funong ( told the AP , mentioning that he didn't expect the ruling against them to come so soon.
After the ruling against the ministry, the 2nd Chamber of the HSYK decided to cancel the impending promotions of some of those judges.
The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has upheld a ruling against the Buffalo River Dene Nation, which wants to halt oilsands exploration on its traditional territory.
Nigel Waterson, chairman of the Equity Release Council, has said that a recent ruling against HSBC in the UK would boost lending to older customers.
A ruling against HHS would not kill PPACA directly, but it would deal the PPACA commercial health insurance rules a devastating blow, by taking away the ability of moderate-income people in states with HHS exchanges to pay for individual medical coverage that meets PPACA coverage standards.
The ruling against the restart of a western power station run by Kansai Electric Power Co was a scathing critique of the Japanese nuclear industry's risk management, but does not block a restart under Japanese law as it is not a final ruling.