rule against

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rule against (someone or something)

To issue a judgment that goes against someone's or something's case. The judge ruled against the father, stating that he had not shown adequate reason to have sole custody of the children.
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rule against someone or something

to give a judgment against someone or something. The judge ruled against the prosecutor. The judge ruled against my motion.
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rule against

To deliver a judgment that is not favorable to someone or something: The court ruled against the plaintiff, and no damages were awarded.
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He pointed out that the courts did not rule against Pervez Musharraf but he wasnt allowed to contest elections.
The United States Supreme Court has stated that it is likely to rule against granting patents on human genes that prevent other researchers from further studying the parts of DNA, it is reported today.
Those surveyed who say the Supreme Court should rule against the mandate 54% Those surveyed who say the Supreme Court should uphold it 17% Those surveyed who either don't know or didn't answer 29% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Augustine (fifth century), Roman Catholics and certain Lutheran groups omit the rule against making graven images which other Christians list as the second commandment.
Uniform application" of a rule against resume inaccuracies is "critical," warns Detroit attorney George Mesritz, lest the employer lose the right to press the matter in more urgent cases.
Americans United for Separation of Church and State has urged a federal appeals court to rule against a publicly funded AmeriCorps program that allows teachers to offer religious instruction at sectarian schools.
Erwin Chemerinsky for his viewpoint on "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance ("One Nation Under The Constitution: Why The Court Should Rule Against 'Under God' In The Pledge," December 2003 Church & State).
This is the second federal court to rule against vouchers in the past three months," said Americans United Executive Director Barry W.