ruin of

the ruin of (someone or something)

The cause of someone's or something's failure, destruction, or downfall. The disastrous product proved to be the ruin of the company after moving less than a quarter of a million units. Many assumed the scandal would be the ruin of the candidate.
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ruin of someone or something

the cause of destruction; a failure. Your bad judgment will be the ruin of this company! The greedy politicians were the ruin of the old empire.
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References in classic literature ?
I am willing to help rebuild your fortune, but I will not be an accomplice in the ruin of others.
The noble ruin of the Church of St John the Evangelist in Red Lion Square, the vaulted masterpiece of J.
merely the ruin, "but the ruin of the ruin [that] is the hallmark
critical writing reflects anxiety about the ruin of the physical body.
penitential ruin of the body but the exploration of faith as a process
This occurs through an attempted escape from the real--from the real ruin of the Hotel de Ville rather than an image of the city in modernity as ruin.
Bell situates the ruin of Paris as a result of the Commune in relation to the Second Empire, specifically with the Exposition universelle of 1867, and implies that while the Paris of Haussmann and Napoleon III ends in misery, it may nevertheless perceive itself as being on par with the ancient capitals of renown.
This ruin resembles the ruin of a magical palace, illuminated, in an opera, by Bengali lights.
Regardless of the scientific validity of Erskine's speculations, the Commune as a process of ruin shares more in common with the ephemeral nature of the barricade and the demolition ruin of real estate speculation than it does with the classical ruined city, even in the case of catastrophic cities like Pompeii.
It is the ruin of human aspiration and endeavour we are witnessing.
About half a mile thro' the Woods I saw what had struck him, as indeed it did me: It was a Ruin of a large Monastery .
The stillness and solemnity of the place were favourable to thought, and naturally led me to a train of ideas relative to the scene; when, like a good protestant, I began to indulge a secret triumph in the ruin of so many structures which I had always considered as the haunts of ignorance and supersition.
692 Comparison of Private Passenger Auto Liability Reserve Development Capital Standards Using EPD Ratio of 1 Percent and Probability of Ruin of 5 Percent Expected Policyholder Deficit Method Required Worst Case Capital Average Reserve Adverse Under 1% Cost of Size Est'd Dev't EPD Ratio Pr[Ruin] Ruin EPD EPD Ratio (000s) Sigma (99.