ruin of

ruin of someone or something

the cause of destruction; a failure. Your bad judgment will be the ruin of this company! The greedy politicians were the ruin of the old empire.
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References in classic literature ?
I am willing to help rebuild your fortune, but I will not be an accomplice in the ruin of others.
There would be no such complete ruin of large structures as I had seen among the smaller buildings.
I have seen him deliberately scheme to bring about the ruin of a harmless little woman.
The noble ruin of the Church of St John the Evangelist in Red Lion Square, the vaulted masterpiece of J.
merely the ruin, "but the ruin of the ruin [that] is the hallmark
critical writing reflects anxiety about the ruin of the physical body.
Windscreen wipers rhythmically cut across the field of vision like a metronome marking time as the car circles the small area at the center of the city, passing the ruin of the City Center Cinema -- the elevated oval of pockmarked concrete, recently sold to foreign investors and destined to be razed.
evoking the inevitable path to ruin of those who sin.
This occurs through an attempted escape from the real--from the real ruin of the Hotel de Ville rather than an image of the city in modernity as ruin.
Bell situates the ruin of Paris as a result of the Commune in relation to the Second Empire, specifically with the Exposition universelle of 1867, and implies that while the Paris of Haussmann and Napoleon III ends in misery, it may nevertheless perceive itself as being on par with the ancient capitals of renown.
It is the ruin of human aspiration and endeavour we are witnessing.
692 Comparison of Private Passenger Auto Liability Reserve Development Capital Standards Using EPD Ratio of 1 Percent and Probability of Ruin of 5 Percent Expected Policyholder Deficit Method Required Worst Case Capital Average Reserve Adverse Under 1% Cost of Size Est'd Dev't EPD Ratio Pr[Ruin] Ruin EPD EPD Ratio (000s) Sigma (99.
The route passes places linked to the saint, as well as Melrose Abbey, the ruin of a 12th-century Cistercian Foundation and a 25-foot statue of the Scottish hero William Wallace.
Jo Anna Isaak, The Ruin of Representation in Modernist Art and Texts, Ann Arbor: U.
Less than a mile north, in a curve of the River Quoile, stands the ruin of Inch Abbey.