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go to rack and ruin

cliché To fall into severe or total decay, degradation, or ruination, as from disuse or lack of upkeep. ("Rack" here is a variant spelling of "wrack," a now-archaic word meaning wreckage or destruction.) It greatly pains me that my grandfather's estate has been left to go to rack and ruin. If only we'd been able to afford for someone to look after it for all these years. The neighbor's property has really gone to rack and ruin lately. I'm thinking about filing a complaint with the neighborhood association!
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rue the day (that something happened)

To curse or bitterly regret a point in time (in which something happened or one did something). I swear to you now, you will rue the day you ever crossed me! Men, if their soldiers advance upon us, we must ensure that they will rue the day!
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rue the day (that) (something) happened

To feel bitter regret or remorse that something has happened; to wish that something never came to pass. That no-good, lying cheat! I'll make sure he rues the day he crossed me, if it's the last thing I do! Your dad must be ruing the day he agreed to buy you a car if you got an A in all your classes.
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go to rack and ruin

 and go to wrack and ruin
to become ruined. (The words rack and wrack mean "wreckage" and are found only in this expression.) That lovely old house on the corner is going to go to rack and ruin. My lawn is going to wrack and ruin.
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go to rack and ruin

If something goes to rack and ruin, it gets into a very bad state, because nobody looks after it or deals properly with it. This beautiful building was left to go to rack and ruin. The country is going to rack and ruin under this government. Note: You can also say that something falls into rack and ruin During these years, historical monuments were allowed to fall into rack and ruin. Note: The expression rack and ruin can also be used without these verbs. According to Michael, the whole country's heading for rack and ruin. Note: Less commonly, this expression is spelt wrack and ruin. A once magnificent country house has now fallen into wrack and ruin. Note: `Wrack' means the same as `wreck', something that has been destroyed.
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go to rack and ruin

gradually deteriorate in condition because of neglect; fall into disrepair.
Rack is a variant spelling of the word wrack , meaning ‘destruction’, but it is the standard one in this expression, which has been in use since the late 16th century.
1998 Oldie The allotment below mine looks set to go to rack and ruin from its previous well-tended state.
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go to ˌrack and ˈruin

get into bad condition because of lack of care: The house has gone to rack and ruin over the last few years.The country is going to rack and ruin under this government.
Rack in this idiom means ‘destruction’.
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