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rots of ruck

offensive slang An intentional mispronunciation of "lots of luck" based on the tendency of non-native English speakers from East Asia, especially Japan and China, to conflate the sounds of the letter L and the letter R. My grandfather was always fond of wishing us "rots of ruck" whenever we left his house.
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Rots of ruck!

exclam. Lots of luck! (Mocking a Japanese pronunciation.) Have a good trip, and rots of ruck!
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With two extra forwards involved at this particular breakdown and working off slower ball, it has the knock-on effect of less numbers and slower ball still at the following ruck.
From the start of the second half they looked like a different team as the dominated early possession with a string on effective rucks. Only desperate Huddersfield defending stopped Brods from scoring early on.
Jacob Richardson clinched the win for Boro with a fine individual try following a break from half way going blind from a ruck.
'Shane saw the ball and tried to ruck it out of his hands --which is 'fair dinkum', as they say here.
"Possibly that's due to the fact that guys think to themselves that if they over-aggressively ruck they might get sent off and not paid.
When Dan Rucks left New York University's film school in the late 1980s, he took with him a proverb from a campus sage: The director shoots the movie, the editor tells the story.
The Blues struck first blood after the break with Davies kicking his third penalty from a Scarlets ruck offence on the home 10-metre line.
Botha was banned for not binding as he cleared Jones from a ruck, an incident which left the Lions prop with a dislocated shoulder and out of the game for six months.
"If he has been found guilty for something that is not part of the game, we could probably take 15 or 20 clips out of every single Test match that's been played and ban every single guy who has cleaned a ruck.
"Rugby union is a contact sport where there is no place for dirty or foul play, but it has a place for men - and women - to throw themselves into rucks, to tackle hard and run with the ball as hard as they can," he added.
The main issue he still has is the balance between ruling in favour of the defenders or attackers, with players unsure when rucks have begun and therefore penalised for illegal use of their hands or joining from the wrong side.
A quick lineout and series of rucks followed before ex-Edinburgh lock Nathan Hines popped the ball to the onrushing Conway who beat Alex Blair's tackle to cruise over to the left of the posts.
``He said he was going to referee the rucks very, very strictly and the player in the tackle rolling away,'' said O'Sullivan.``I thought he did an excellent job in that area.''
"He still needs to work on his high body height going into rucks which will be an issue for a lot of big players.
"Over an extended period, numerous other players have charged into rucks without binding, but were either not penalised at all or received only a penalty," he said.