rub (one's) nose in (something)

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rub (one's) nose in (something)

To remind one of some failure or wrongdoing. Often phrased as "rub (one's) nose in it." Rather than rubbing these ex-convicts' noses in their past misdeeds, we should be creating opportunities for them to help them find a better, more productive life. Whenever I make a mistake, my obnoxious co-worker is always eager to rub my nose in it.
See also: nose, rub

rub someone’s nose in something

tv. to remind someone of something constantly; to make a big issue about someone’s mistake. (From the practice of training a puppy by rubbing its nose in the messes it makes.) So I made a mistake! I wish you’d stop rubbing my nose in it.
See also: nose, rub, something

rub (someone's) nose in

To bring repeatedly and forcefully to another's attention.
See also: nose, rub
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This print rubs our noses in the utterly peculiar self-containment of cities.
They resemble the attention-seeking utterances of a bore trying to impress us with his sangfroid, his blase, deadpan, yet somehow sanctimonious urbanity, as he rubs our noses in mere fact.