rub (up) against (someone or something)

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rub (up) against (someone or something)

1. To exert pressure on and move in contact with someone or something. The girl I started dating has a dog that rubs up against me whenever I go over to her house. There's a piece of metal rubbing against the tire that's causing it to wear down very quickly.
2. To exert pressure on and move something while in contact with someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rub" and "(up) against." Someone was rubbing their hand up against my back on the train. It made me really uncomfortable. The elephant rubbed its hindquarters against the large boulder to relieve its itching.
3. To contradict or come into conflict with someone or something. The new report, cowritten by nearly two dozen of the world's top scientists, rubs up against the government's official stance on climate change. Some people simply refuse to accept reality when it rubs up against their own personal world views.
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rub (up) against someone or something

to bump or scrape against someone or something. The cat rubbed up against me and seemed friendly. The side of the car rubbed against the fence.
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rub something against someone or something

to scrape or chafe something against someone or something repeatedly. The cat kept rubbing its tail against me. I wish John would stop rubbing his hand against my leg.
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'Which again, naturally, rubs against the grain of Mr.
He said that when a cat rubs against its owner with its tail straight in the air, they are making sure that the owner is not hostile towards them.
A CORN A corn is an area of dry, thick, tough skin that forms in response to friction - for instance, if your shoe rubs against your little toe while walking.
If the sap rubs against your skin in daylight you will develop irritating blisters.
This causes pressure and pain where the top of the toe (now shaped like a hammer) rubs against the shoe.
Leo loves being petted and purrs loudly, rubs against your hand or presses your forehead to show his happiness.
Julie likes the way the cat rubs against her legs at feeding time.
The vehicle are being recalled because of a misshapen brake hose that may develop a hole as it rubs against a brake caliper, thus causing a brake fluid leak.
In that position, the cleaning block rubs against the segment board until--ZAP!--the segment board shorts out.
"When a glass-filled part rubs against a metal surface or even a similar glass-filled surface, rapid abrasion takes place," says George Osterhout, v.p.
Meantime, the next time this nasty pervert rubs against you, yell very loudly and stamp down hard on his instep - then let HIM explain why you did it.
Top: A cat rubs against a pony's nose in the Budakeszi game park near Budapest, Hungary, after heavy snowfalls; above, Hiroshi Masuoka of Japan in his Mitsibishi Pajero during the sixth stage of the Dakar rally between Ouarzazate and Tan-Tan, southern Morocco
This gives the work an undertone that rubs against its bibliophilic luxe.
But as the metal rubs against the plastic, tiny particles are worn away.
Web-to-blade wear is the result of abrasion from a relatively compliant web as it rubs against a blade, much like a polishing belt.