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ruby slippers

The magical shoes that Dorothy wears in The Wizard of Oz. I wish I had a pair of ruby slippers like Dorothy so that I could be transported home with the mere click of my heels.
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*red as a cherry

 and *red as a poppy; *red as a rose; *red as a ruby; *red as blood
bright red. (*Also: as ~.) When she came in from ice-skating, Clara's nose was as red as a cherry. When her boss praised her in front of the whole office, Emily turned red as a poppy. I would like to make a dress out of that beautiful velvet that is red as a rose. Jane painted her fingernails with polish as red as a ruby. I want to have my car painted red as blood.
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Although Mozambican rubies were first discovered in 2009 by artisanal miners, geologically they are approximately 500 million years old.
In Montepuez, there is a potential secondary source of rubies which is of prime interest due to its maturity.
"Rubies have long been associated with life, love, energy, passion and virility primarily due to their distinctive red colour, and were a common historical symbol of power among rulers," the firm said in a statement.
"In parts of Asia, where the colour red represents fortune, small rubies are sometimes placed in the foundations of buildings to bring good luck and stability to the structure.
She also explains how rubies are formed in the earth, and discusses the creation of synthetic rubies.
Rubies, a costume and accessories company whose products can be found come Halloween time on the shelves of Wal-Mart and mom and pop costume shops alike, has greatly expanded its showroom space in Manhattan, taking the entire 9th floor at 1115 Broadway in a lease totaling 23,370 s/f.
According to a company source, the dramatic expansion of Rubies' showroom was necessitated by the firm's decision to consolidate a number of its divisions into one location, most notably its sizeable Form Novelties line of costumes, which previously didn't have a Manhattan space
Joan-Pau Rubies, Travel and Ethnology in the Renaissance.
Rubies has transformed this modest field into one of high accomplishment, tying together Europe and India, travellers' accounts with cultural and intellectual history, and spanning medieval, Renaissance, and Enlightenment history.