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ruby slippers

The magical shoes that Dorothy wears in The Wizard of Oz. I wish I had a pair of ruby slippers like Dorothy so that I could be transported home with the mere click of my heels.
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*red as a cherry

 and *red as a poppy; *red as a rose; *red as a ruby; *red as blood
bright red. (*Also: as ~.) When she came in from ice-skating, Clara's nose was as red as a cherry. When her boss praised her in front of the whole office, Emily turned red as a poppy. I would like to make a dress out of that beautiful velvet that is red as a rose. Jane painted her fingernails with polish as red as a ruby. I want to have my car painted red as blood.
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She also explains how rubies are formed in the earth, and discusses the creation of synthetic rubies.
the owner and managing agent of 1115 Broadway before the Rubies deal in a conversation with REW in May.
Keep in mind that vivid rubies are considered the highest quality, but they are rare and will thus be more expensive.
Corundum is the mineral for both rubies and sapphires.
Lakefield counted over 125 rubies in one sample of which 5% were larger stones (over 0.
The head and the tail of the snake are studded with pave diamonds, while the eyes and nose of the serpent are decorated with rubies.
Of the 1680 new rubies found, 40 are designated as being macros varying in size between 0.