rub (one's) hands (together)

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rub (one's) hands (together)

To be in keen or greedy anticipation (of something). The announcement has many shareholders rubbing their hands together gleefully, as their investments will likely double almost overnight. We were rubbing our hands at the thought of a rematch against the team that robbed us of a spot in the finals so many years ago.
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rub one's hands

Experience or exhibit pleased anticipation or self-satisfaction, as in The owner rubbed his hands as the customer picked out item after item. This metaphoric term alludes to the actual rubbing together of one's hands to express pleasure.
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rub your hands

show keen satisfaction or expectation.
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rub (one's) hands

To experience or display pleased anticipation, self-satisfaction, or glee.
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Pepe suggests using warm water and soap, and rubbing hands together for 30 seconds, especially after using the restroom or working in the kitchen.
Though watching from the terraces, the county's PRO Fintan Mussen vdescribed it as "a very poor outing" while championship opponents Antrim were rubbing hands.
Jack Elkins, a vice president at Savage, says "Friction sawing is like rubbing hands together to get heat.
Try rubbing hands together with a dab of shea butter and running your fingers through your hair.
One can't help rubbing hands enthusiastically when you consider how much better it will get once Gerrard is fit and another striker is recruited.
Hygienic hand rub is rubbing hands with a small quantity (2 mL to 3 mL) of a highly effective, fast-acting antiseptic agent.