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rub elbows

To interact or mingle with a person or group. I don't want to go to the gala tonight, but my wife is eager to rub elbows with the upper class. I've been rubbing elbows all night, and now I'd like to just have some quiet time.
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rub elbows (with someone)

 and rub shoulders with someone
Fig. to associate with someone; to work closely with someone. (No physical contact is involved.) I don't care to rub elbows with someone who acts like that! I rub shoulders with John at work. We are good friends.
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To mix or socialize closely: diplomats rubbing elbows with heads of state.
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Story idea: Journalists need not hop a red-eye flight to Colombia or spend days and nights rubbing elbows with cops and the "underclass" to do a timely War on Drugs piece.
Both men were ecstatic at the prospect of Rowdy gracing the event along with potentially her Four Horsewomen in Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir rubbing elbows with the original Four Horsemen of WWE.
In German-born Konrad Thurano's 83-year-career he performed around the world, rubbing elbows with celebrities including Charlie Chaplin.
New Line and HBO's shindig to celebrate the launch of its Picturehouse banner created instant indie cred with guests including Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, of seminal noise rockers Sonic Youth, rubbing elbows with the indie film elite.
But when I went to New York, my friend still wanted to play so he got a new drummer." NEXT BIG PROJECT "Right now, my only big project is getting through high school." RUBBING ELBOWS "At the School of Rock premiere, I got to meet Dave Groul, the drummer from Foo Fighters.
While some gay men and lesbians say they don't like the idea of not seeing whom they're talking to, the vast majority of on-line denizens say rubbing elbows in a chat room is just as "real" -- if not more so -- as lolling around listlessly in stand-and-pose bars.
De Lima was still reacting to aviral video which supposedly showed her rubbing elbows with one of the country's alleged top drug lords, Herbert Colangco, during an event last year.
However, Pacquiao isn't the only rubbing elbows with the biggest names in the entertainment industry.