rub (up) against (someone or something)

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rub (up) against (someone or something)

1. To exert pressure on and move in contact with someone or something. The girl I started dating has a dog that rubs up against me whenever I go over to her house. There's a piece of metal rubbing against the tire that's causing it to wear down very quickly.
2. To exert pressure on and move something while in contact with someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rub" and "(up) against." Someone was rubbing their hand up against my back on the train. It made me really uncomfortable. The elephant rubbed its hindquarters against the large boulder to relieve its itching.
3. To contradict or come into conflict with someone or something. The new report, cowritten by nearly two dozen of the world's top scientists, rubs up against the government's official stance on climate change. Some people simply refuse to accept reality when it rubs up against their own personal world views.
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rub (up) against someone or something

to bump or scrape against someone or something. The cat rubbed up against me and seemed friendly. The side of the car rubbed against the fence.
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rub something against someone or something

to scrape or chafe something against someone or something repeatedly. The cat kept rubbing its tail against me. I wish John would stop rubbing his hand against my leg.
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Above, the sky would be of a cold blue colour, save for a fringe of flame-coloured streaks on the horizon that kept turning ever paler and paler; and when the moon had come out there would be wafted through the limpid air the sounds of a frightened bird fluttering, of a bulrush rubbing against its fellows in the gentle breeze, and of a fish rising with a splash.
And for a good quarter of a mile, from the dockyard gate to the farthest corner, where the old housed-in hulk, the President (drill-ship, then, of the Naval Reserve), used to lie with her frigate side rubbing against the stone of the quay, above all these hulls, ready and unready, a hundred and fifty lofty masts, more or less, held out the web of their rigging like an immense net, in whose close mesh, black against the sky, the heavy yards seemed to be entangled and suspended.
The long-drawn wail of two old boughs rubbing against each other brought out the perspiration in beads on her forehead.
There lay the Ghost, bow on to the beach, her splintered bowsprit projecting over the sand, her tangled spars rubbing against her side to the lift of the crooning waves.
With his head hanging down, his limbs relaxed, his mouth half open for the escape of his sighs, Raoul remained, thus forgotten, in the ante-chamber, when all at once a lady's robe passed, rubbing against the doors of a side salon, which opened on the gallery.
His life is mostly devoted to carrying bulky panniers and packages which rest against his body--therefore he is habituated to taking the outside edge of mountain paths, to keep his bundles from rubbing against rocks or banks on the other.
But she could draw no conclusions, for Hewet was still reading Gibbon aloud, and Rachel, for all the expression she had, might have been a shell, and his words water rubbing against her ears, as water rubs a shell on the edge of a rock.
During the process they uttered comfortable little grunts, very much in the same manner as two pigs do, when rubbing against each other.
He saw Kamma and her mate feeding side by side, their hairy bodies rubbing against each other.
Richard Phillips AIT COULD be a nail/screw rubbing against a joist or the edges of boards rubbing.
For example, it could be a nail that is not fully driven home rubbing against a joist, or the boards rubbing together.
I have a Colt SAA from the early 1800's showing severe barrel thinning on the muzzle from rubbing against a leather holster.
But another cause is a sharp, jagged tooth rubbing against the tongue.
Compeed Blister Cushions are the newest solution for protecting and cushioning blisters to avoid painful rubbing against shoes.