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Almost without exception, I've learned early season bucks in my area go through a concentrated rubbing ritual after feeding all night.
The control strategy in this paper consists of two steps: at first, when the rotor is rubbing with the active auxiliary bearing, the feedback actuation is applied by the active auxiliary bearing to drive rotor to the desired status.
A total of 100 Yellow-wood stems was assessed for antler rubbing in each gully, and this required assessing the 50 plants closest to two randomly generated locations within each gully.
By rubbing, children find beauty in the surface of objects and feel free to use the object in interpretations, overlapping printed layers, creating new patterns and connections with the lifted impressions.
Black Tigers is one such book, for it encapsulates, in remarkably lucid prose, the lifetime of experience that its author, Kenneth Starr (formerly of the Field Museum in Chicago and the Milwaukee Public Museum), brings to the study of ink rubbings. Prior to its publication, even readers with a great aesthetic, historical, or commercial interest in the history of rubbings had few places to go to learn more about the history of collecting and the criteria for connoisseurship, unless they were willing and able to devote several years of full-time study to such classic works as Ouyang Xiu's Jigu lu, Gu Yanwu's Jinshi wenzi ji, Chen Jieqi's Chuangu bielu, and Yan Gengwang's Shike shiliao congshu.
When you're collecting bark rubbings, ask yourself questions.
They have been able to try out brass rubbing themselves, as well as seeing the work of experts.
Until now, the only method to reliably align the molecules involved rubbing a polymer substrate with a velvet cloth.
Key words: Ceratotherium simum, Commiphora marlothii, scent marking, sign-posting, tree rubbing, white rhinos, zoopharmacognosy
In every whitetail habitat there is a well-established hierarchy of tree and shrub species favored for rubbing. The most favored are usually resinous trees, commonly species having somewhat soft bark, and almost always aromatic.
First, if there is something in the eye, rubbing it could actually scratch the cornea of the eye or the lining of the eye and eyelid.
In a section of de Waal's book titled "Make Love, Not War," the author describes observing a female bonobo defuse a potentially dangerous standoff between two camps by rubbing her clitoris on an aggressive male.
Vigorous rubbing of the eyelid, although not a primary cause of drooping eyelid, can aggravate the condition.
The electrical phenomenon was produced by rubbing, and Guericke in 1660 fashioned a globe of sulfur that could be rotated on a crank-turned shaft.