rubber check

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rubber check

A written order to a bank for a certain amount of funds that has been dishonored because such funds are not available in the account in question. "Rubber" here is a play on the bouncing of a check. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. My ex-husband has been writing rubber checks all across the state.
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rubber check

A check drawn on an account without the funds to pay it, as in He's been handing out rubber checks right and left, but the police have caught up with him . The rubber alludes to the fact that, like rubber, the check "bounces," in this case back from the bank. [Slang; c. 1920]
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rubber cheque

a cheque that is returned unpaid. informal humorous
The expression plays on the idea of a cheque that ‘bounces’, or is unpaid because there are insufficient funds in the drawer's account to cover it.
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rubber (check)

n. a check that bounces; a forged check. (see also bounce.) The bank says I wrote a rubber check, but I’m sure there was enough money on deposit.
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Last year, embarrassed by rubber checks and a House Post Office that gave away stamps but charged for cocaine, incumbents made a solemn vow: Hey, we'll cut the staff.
As a result, the rate of rubber checks bounced to a record low of 0.
85 billion at US$1 = NT$33), with rubber checks making up merely NT$6 billion (US$181.
You might recall that Shaddock earlier was evicted from west Little Rock office space for aying the rent with three rubber checks.