rub (one's) hands (together)

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rub (one's) hands (together)

To be in keen or greedy anticipation (of something). The announcement has many shareholders rubbing their hands together gleefully, as their investments will likely double almost overnight. We were rubbing our hands at the thought of a rematch against the team that robbed us of a spot in the finals so many years ago.
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rub one's hands

Experience or exhibit pleased anticipation or self-satisfaction, as in The owner rubbed his hands as the customer picked out item after item. This metaphoric term alludes to the actual rubbing together of one's hands to express pleasure.
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rub your hands

show keen satisfaction or expectation.
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rub (one's) hands

To experience or display pleased anticipation, self-satisfaction, or glee.
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References in classic literature ?
They smirked at each other and rubbed their hands. Rapidly and silently Hook gave his orders: one man to each tree, and the others to arrange themselves in a line two yards apart.
Liverpool and Chelsea will certainly have rubbed their hands together at City's stumble, but there is plenty to play for and nobody needs reminding of the significance of the day Jose Mourinho's side go to Anfield.
WHEN Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 General Election, union leaders including Arthur Scargill must have rubbed their hands in glee.
Ensuring the guidelines were properly followed, participants then simultaneously rubbed their hands together for 60 seconds before an on-site Guinness representative declared the new record officially established.
The lead character of Violetta is played by a gorgeous young Italian soprano but it was when my friend appeared on stage in the dress rehearsal that the waiting stage crew rubbed their hands and declared: "Now this is what we've been waiting for!"
When Owen scored a hat-trick against Newcastle at St James' Park a few years back, he and Jamie Carragher went through a celebration routine where they rubbed their hands in glee.