rubbed off

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rub (oneself) off

vulgar slang To masturbate.
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rub off

1. To come off (of something else) after being rubbed. Don't worry, if you use a warm, damp towel, the makeup will just rub right off.
2. To remove some substance off of a surface by rubbing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rub" and "off." You'd better rub that paint off before it has a chance to dry!
3. To have one's characteristics, mannerisms, or behavior be adopted by someone with whom one has spent a lot of time. Usually followed by "on someone." Peter's been very unruly lately. I think the Thompsons' little brat has been rubbing off on him. I want you to spend a month mentoring with Sarah here. Hopefully, some of her talent and work ethic will rub off.
4. To cause one to feel irritated, upset, disgusted, or ill at ease. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "rub" and "off." The waiter's condescending remarks really rubbed me off wrong, you know? He has a knack for rubbing off his clients with his abrasive personality.
5. vulgar slang To masturbate. Used especially in the form "rub one off."
6. vulgar slang To bring someone to orgasm with one's hands.
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rubbed off

Erased, eroded, or cleaned away, often incidentally over time. I can't read the cleaning instructions on this tag—they've gotten completely rubbed off. Half of it is rubbed off, but I can just make out what it says.
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