rub together

rub (multiple things) together

To exert pressure on two or more things while moving them in continuous contact with one another to create friction. Starting a fire isn't just as easy as rubbing two sticks together. She put soap in her hands and rubbed them together to form a lather.
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rub something together

to press two things together and move them back and forth. Sam rubbed his fingers together, indicating that he needed some money before he could continue. Mary rubbed her hands together to get them warmed up.
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The 78-year-old said when he left Aberdeen at the age of 18, his family hardly had "two pennies to rub together", and that he "couldn't believe it" when he found out he was a related to royalty.
In a bowl, rub together 225g self-raising flour and 50g chilled, diced butter until it looks like breadcrumbs, then stir in 25g sugar.
"The bones rub together. It's a serious problem because it causes him a lot of pain and swelling and makes it difficult for him to move.
Place the flour and butter in a bowl and rub together to a crumb consistency.
Mr J Clark ASQUEAKS are caused by two materials that rub together. For example, it could be a nail that is not fully driven home rubbing against a joist, or the boards rubbing together.
When the damaging terms of the final Brexit deal become known, everyone with at least two brain cells to rub together will be screaming for a second referendum.
3 Add the butter and rub together with fingertips until the mixture turns crumbly.
Here's the cool part: As the person wearing the material moves, the two layers of fabric rub together and build up static electricity.
Without two dimes to rub together, organising a bridal shower to remember will be tricky.
The 48-year-old actress explained that during her childhood, when they didn't have two nickels to rub together, her mother always made sure that she along with her sisters had two grosgrain ribbons in their hair.
When the grains rub together, it creates lightning.
"As these things rub together it is very much like a river rock, a river stone, they get polished and sculpted into that round shape that Leda saw when she visited," added Ulrich.
Cut cold butter into small pieces and place in mixing bowl with sifted flour - rub together until crumbley.
Immediately after the polymer surfaces rub together, they are mechanically separated, creating an air gap that isolates the charge on the PDMS surface and forms a dipole moment.
Floorboards creak when two pieces of wood rub together. There are several causes of this, but one of the most common is the nails that fix the floorboards to the joists becoming loose over time.