rub (one's) hands (together)

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rub (one's) hands (together)

To be in keen or greedy anticipation (of something). The announcement has many shareholders rubbing their hands together gleefully, as their investments will likely double almost overnight. We were rubbing our hands at the thought of a rematch against the team that robbed us of a spot in the finals so many years ago.
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rub one's hands

Experience or exhibit pleased anticipation or self-satisfaction, as in The owner rubbed his hands as the customer picked out item after item. This metaphoric term alludes to the actual rubbing together of one's hands to express pleasure.
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rub your hands

show keen satisfaction or expectation.
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rub (one's) hands

To experience or display pleased anticipation, self-satisfaction, or glee.
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But when fans look at their fixtures for the last two months of the season and rub their hands, I think they are misguided.
Meanwhile, back in Essex or wherever she lives, her real-life neighbours rub their hands in glee and reveal that her appalling language and al fresco sex "brought down the tone" of their district.
THINK: Why do people sometimes rub their hands together quickly when it is cold outside?
Now Jade is left to carry the can and take all the fall-out while Channel 4 rub their hands in glee.
"Residents, when they are agitated - especially those with Alzheimer's and other dementias - tend to pick at and rub their hands on the arms, while rings and other jewelry can really damage upholstery," she says.
One senior security source said: "The men on the front line are fed up taking casualties just so politicians can rub their hands and produce figures that show that no baton rounds have been fired.
While credit card fat cats rub their hands in glee over huge profits, maybe they'd like to spare a thought for relatives who rub their eyes in grief over the loss of loved ones.
His enemies rub their hands at what they see as the potential embarrassment.