rub (one's) nose in (something)

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rub (one's) nose in (something)

To remind one of some failure or wrongdoing. Often phrased as "rub (one's) nose in it." Rather than rubbing these ex-convicts' noses in their past misdeeds, we should be creating opportunities for them to help them find a better, more productive life. Whenever I make a mistake, my obnoxious co-worker is always eager to rub my nose in it.
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rub someone's nose in something (or rub it in)

emphatically or repeatedly draw someone's attention to an embarrassing or painful fact. informal
This expression comes from the mistaken belief that the way to house-train a puppy or kitten is to rub their noses in their faeces or urine if they have made a mess indoors.
1963 P. M. Hubbard Flush as May I'm sorry. I've said I'm sorry…Don't rub my nose in it.
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rub someone’s nose in something

tv. to remind someone of something constantly; to make a big issue about someone’s mistake. (From the practice of training a puppy by rubbing its nose in the messes it makes.) So I made a mistake! I wish you’d stop rubbing my nose in it.
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rub (someone's) nose in

To bring repeatedly and forcefully to another's attention.
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