rub shoulders

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rub shoulders

To interact or mingle (with a person or group of people). I don't want to go to the gala tonight, but my wife is eager to rub shoulders with the upper crust. After rubbing shoulders for so long, I was ready to head back home and have some time to myself.
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rub shoulders with (someone)

To meet and spend time in a social environment with one who is noteworthy, famous, or important. I heard you were rubbing shoulders with the governor last Saturday. These conferences always have a meet-and-greet portion so you get a chance to rub shoulders with the heads of the tech industry.
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rub shoulders

associate or come into contact with another person.
A US variant of this expression is rub elbows .
1943 Graham Greene The Ministry of Fear It wasn't exactly a criminal world, though eddying along its dim and muted corridors you might possibly rub shoulders with genteel forgers.
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rub ˈshoulders (with somebody)

(American English also rub ˈelbows (with somebody)) (informal) meet and spend time with rich or famous people, socially or as part of your job: I used to rub shoulders with some very wealthy people when I worked in banking.
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But the price has soared due to the booming property market, renovation work and the chance to rub shoulders with stars.
Then it's on to Planet Hollywood for a delicious slap-up meal and more star spotting, where they can rub shoulders with Sporty, Baby, Posh, Scary and Ginger and their celebrity guests.
The young hopefuls can also rub shoulders with chart-topping band Blazin' Squad at the audition.
Fergie was off on the freebie trail again yesterday - flying 6000 miles to drink champagne and rub shoulders with the rich and famous.
The self-penned songs rub shoulders with the adaptations so well it's often hard to tell what's past, what's present and what's future.
The event, in the Natural History Museum, saw her rub shoulders with some of the world's best entertainers - and she certainly didn't disappoint.
Rangers will rub shoulders with the cream of European football in today's Champions League draw.
Self-penned cuts rub shoulders with covers of Dylan's Well Well Well, Paul Simon's One Trick Pony and a rousing Gallows Pole, giving Page and Plant a run for their money.
Rub shoulders on-line with the stars of the Britpack on Saturday night at the launch party for the new FilmFour Channel.
Guests will even have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the voice of Formula One motor racing, the Birmingham-born commentator Murray Walker.
SOUL and country rub shoulders, with tracks by Bobby Womack, Johnny Cash, Randy Crawford, Bloodstone, The Delfonics and even the movie's star, Pam Grier.