rub off

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rub off on (someone)

To have one's characteristics, mannerisms, or behavior be adopted by someone with whom one has spent a lot of time. Peter's been very unruly lately. I think that new kid is rubbing off on him. It seems like your boss's greed is rubbing off on you—is money all you care about now?
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rub something off (of) something

 and rub something off
to remove something from something by rubbing. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The butler rubbed the tarnish off the pitcher. The butler rubbed off the dark tarnish. rub something onto something and rub something on to apply something onto the surface of something by rubbing. Alice rubbed suntan lotion onto her arms and legs. Rub on some of this lotion.
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rub off (on someone)

[for a characteristic of one person] to seem to transfer to someone else. I'll sit by Ann. She has been lucky all evening. Maybe it'll rub off on me. Sorry. I don't think that luck rubs off.
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rub off

1. To remove or erase something from a surface by or as if by rubbing: The mechanic grabbed a rag and rubbed off the grease. Don't scrub too hard, or you'll rub the paint off the car.
2. To be removed or be capable of being removed from a surface by rubbing: The ink on the table won't rub off. The newsprint rubbed off on my fingers.
3. To pass from one person to another through direct association, as of a quality: We hope some of her enthusiasm rubs off. I'm glad to see their good manners have rubbed off on you.
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He said: ``His winning culture will rub off on both senior and younger players here.
Then, if the animal nibbles or scrapes one of the right vines, the seeds rub off onto susceptible tissue.
DENNIS Ednie, 48, was selling blackboards when he came up with a bright idea for a chalk that wouldn't rub off.
The worst football team in Britain was hoping some England magic would rub off on them after a training session with top national coaches yesterday.
But besides the obvious contribution of ink film thickness and the possible choice of a low-rub or no-rub formulation, Ford said the ink-water balance and newsprint characteristics will influence an ink's tendency to rub off.
Every time you brush against something or wash, you rub off the top layer of your skin.
TONY Mowbray is hoping Robbie Keane's motivation to succeed will rub off on his Celtic team-mates.
1 : to strip, scrape, or rub off the skin of I skinned my knee.
FOXY Jenni Falconer is hoping her winning ways will rub off on Lotto punters.
How each rose to eminence shows how the spiritual and temporal rub off on each other.
When you've been raised in a family where your father was a doctor and your mother a nurse, 24 hours a day, it has to rub off on you.
Rob's a born winner, a leader, and he has experience at the highest level which can only rub off on me and the players around him.
The most efficient production method was to print the numbers over the varnish, but that made it possible to rub off part or all of the serial number if the ink had not had time to dry.