rub elbows

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rub elbows (with someone)

 and rub shoulders with someone
Fig. to associate with someone; to work closely with someone. (No physical contact is involved.) I don't care to rub elbows with someone who acts like that! I rub shoulders with John at work. We are good friends.
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Have you ever wished you could rub elbows with athletes at star-studded parties?
I see him on the same pages of the fan magazines my daughter reads, so I know that he and Brit must rub elbows somewhere, given the normal activities pictured in these bastions of truth.
Check out the newest instrumentation, mining software, valving/piping, and rub elbows on the floor or in the hospitality suite with engineers, consultants, suppliers, communications firms and manufacturers from companies who have never before exhibited in the Sudbury area.
And those of us who won't be jetting in to rub elbows with the art-world grandees can be consoled: When it comes to the masters of less, less may still be more.
Now, of course, the art galleries rub elbows with the key-chain shops and the straight tourists gape openly at the parade of tattooed, hand-holding, ass-grabbing, platform-heel-wearing gay tourists.
Joining not-for-profit boards, local trade and community-based groups, will enable more black business owners to rub elbows with corporate decision-makers.
Our viewers, who are as down with Freddy as they are Fall Out Boy, will be able to celebrate the sinister and the shocking, and get the chance to see their favorite recording artist rub elbows with the infamous freaks, villains and victims of the big screen.
DAVAO CITY -- Filipino basketball fans may rub elbows with President Rodrigo Duterte should he decide to watch the Gilas Pilipinas game as they go against France in the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament at the Mall of Asia Arena on Tuesday.
Besides, the process also forces the office-hopping politicians to run real campaigns and rub elbows with their would-be constituents, rather than simply rely on the awesome advantage of incumbency.
The most difficult because if you aim to rub elbows with her challenge it becomes excitingly and depressingly difficult to know what you are doing.
Conference seminars gave them an opportunity to get information on the latest trends, rub elbows with key industry players and remain in-the-know on current technological advances.