rub away

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rub something away

to remove something by chafing or rubbing. See if you can rub some of the dirt away. Rub away the dirt if you can.
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It is taking us a long time to rub away the tar that has been painted on us for no fault of ours," one writer said.
Finally, rub away any dried glue around the edges with your finger.
Thousands of people lined up at Covent Garden to rub away at a new pounds 16,000 Chevrolet Captiva.
When the paint was dry, they used sandpaper to rub away the paint outside the lines, again brushing away any dust.
Visitors aren't supposed to even touch the soft limestone with their hands for fear they'll rub away the structures' delicate sculptural details.
My ophthalmologist says to soak the eyelids with warm water and then to rub away the crusts with a washcloth.
Two trained masseurs will reportedly knead, chop and rub away aches and pains of weary travellers for MYR28.
Dermabrasion is like using heavy-duty sandpaper to rub away the rough upper layers on a piece of wood.
All it takes is a few twists of the applicator to rub away the wax.
SIR - Jeremy Clarkson, forever in the news, is much like a scratch card: when you rub away the bluster and the endless stirring, underneath you will regularly find little gems of insight into modern Britain.
The app allows people to rub away the painting's built-up layers to see how it was done.
Staff will see an image of the food on the bedside touch screen and can then rub away the picture to show the amount of food consumed.
Between the January 4 and 31, treat yourself to a top-to-toe renewal with Energising Body Wash, Energising Body Lotion and body brush to wash, scrub and rub away dull winter skin.
1 Dampen a white rag with isopropyl alcohol and rub away heel marks.