rub against

rub (up) against someone or something

to bump or scrape against someone or something. The cat rubbed up against me and seemed friendly. The side of the car rubbed against the fence.
See also: rub

rub something against someone or something

to scrape or chafe something against someone or something repeatedly. The cat kept rubbing its tail against me. I wish John would stop rubbing his hand against my leg.
See also: rub
References in classic literature ?
A Turk turns his face, after washing it well, to the East, when he says his prayers; these good people, after giving their faces such a rub against the World as to take the smiles off, turn with no less regularity, to the darkest side of Heaven.
Don't forget to rub Vaseline on body areas that will repetitively rub against your clothing and use second-skin plasters on feet to avoid blisters.
Smudge loves to rub against your legs while being tickled and would happily let you do this for hours
This can cause the eyelashes to grow abnormally and rub against the surface of the eye, which can cause pain, irritation and eye infections.
The automaker is recalling the vehicle because of an improperly routed wire that can rub against metal, eventually exposing a wire that is likely to cause a short circuit and potentially start a fire.
I'd gladly rub against someone's legs for a chicken and salmon in white wine sauce dinner, but haven't been given the opportunity.
It prevents damage to the engine as parts inside rub against one another.
Particles rub against and collide with one another and/or the vessel walls, causing friability and abrasion.
When the quake begins, the Earth will rub against itself and shudder, shooting powerful, destructive waves speeding toward Los Angeles at two miles per second.
And the seatbelt anchor points rub against the front upholstery.
First, survey your trees for potential damage: cracks in the trunk or limbs; hollow or decayed tree branches that hang, are improperly formed or could rub against the house or fall on power lines; or lopsided or leaning trees.
Sparks and limb-shards where we rub against each other, touching.
The pipe could rub against the axle beam and rupture if the spring-supporting component peels off from the beam, the automaker said.
These tectonic plates float on the mantle--a layer of hot, gooey rock--and rub against each other along boundaries called faults.