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roving eye

A propensity to be unfaithful to a romantic partner. Mary dumped Luke after discovering that he had a roving eye.
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have a roving eye

To have a propensity to be unfaithful to a romantic partner. Mary dumped Luke after discovering that he had a roving eye.
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have a roving eye

Euph. to be flirtatious; to be interested in having sexual relations outside of marriage. (Usually used to describe men.) Poor Maria. Her husband has a roving eye. When they were first married, he had a roving eye.
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a roving eye

a tendency to flirt or be constantly looking to start a new sexual relationship. informal
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have a roving ˈeye

(old-fashioned) be always looking for a chance to start a new love affair or get something that you want: Be careful of Brian — he’s got a roving eye.
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This, along with the high quality of each and every component, entails the perfect control of fibres during the draft and top quality of the roving.
Camilo Serrano, PPG global business manager, direct-draw fiber glass, said INNOFIBER TS 2402 roving sets a new standard for sound attenuation.
Roving Coach International (RCI) isn't your typical coaching organization.
Roving is a great way to stay in shape while having a good time, but it's also an ideal opportunity to test hunting equipment from bows to boots.
This loophole in the roving wiretap provision arguably epitomizes the reason for the inclusion of the sunsets in the first place.
Ashley McQuarrie says it's important to keep going because she and her father first started going to the Roving Archers to create a father-daughter activity.
The Roving Networks team, headed by Mike Conrad, will continue to operate out of its Los Gatos office.
The Roving Senior WPE Manager will manage and support IRC~s emergency response to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence (GBV) across four locations in three states, i.
recently purchased more than a ton of basalt roving for product testing, says president Peter Pfaff.
Although there are 28 targets on the Pasadena Roving Archer's course, the real opponent is the archer himself.
Roving Networks' Bluetooth HID modules are self-contained, complete solutions that reduce the system designer's investment by offering a simple interface and eliminating the need to understand the inner workings of the HID protocol.
Sister company Saint-Gobain Vetrotex has improved its RO99-673 glass roving with new sizing that's said to yield better mechanical properties in pultruded profiles.
Roving Networks expands its product portfolio with a new product line of USB to serial cables and adapters.
In 1998, Faurecia had commercialized its first in-house DLFT process for compression molding, which it calls XRE (glass roving extrusion-compounding).
Roving Networks' certified Bluetooth modules are available as the RN-41-APL class 1 and RN-42-APL class 2 modules provide a wireless serial data link between the accessory and application running on the iPhone, iPad or iPod device.