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have a roving eye

To have a propensity to be unfaithful to a romantic partner. Mary dumped Luke after discovering that he had a roving eye.
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roving eye

A propensity to be unfaithful to a romantic partner. Mary dumped Luke after discovering that he had a roving eye.
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have a roving eye

Euph. to be flirtatious; to be interested in having sexual relations outside of marriage. (Usually used to describe men.) Poor Maria. Her husband has a roving eye. When they were first married, he had a roving eye.
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a roving eye

a tendency to flirt or be constantly looking to start a new sexual relationship. informal
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have a roving ˈeye

(old-fashioned) be always looking for a chance to start a new love affair or get something that you want: Be careful of Brian — he’s got a roving eye.
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