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roving eye

A propensity to be unfaithful to a romantic partner. Mary dumped Luke after discovering that he had a roving eye.
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have a roving eye

Euph. to be flirtatious; to be interested in having sexual relations outside of marriage. (Usually used to describe men.) Poor Maria. Her husband has a roving eye. When they were first married, he had a roving eye.
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a roving eye

a tendency to flirt or be constantly looking to start a new sexual relationship. informal
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have a roving ˈeye

(old-fashioned) be always looking for a chance to start a new love affair or get something that you want: Be careful of Brian — he’s got a roving eye.
See also: eye, have, roving
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Rove had spoken of seeing Power, the silly Richard Gere movie about political consulting.
In Bush's presidency, Rove made the political most out of the terrorist scare generated by the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center's twin towers and Bush's insistence on going after Saddam Hussein.
Upcoming Rove Hotels properties in Al Wasl, Port Saeed, Al Jafiliya, Oud Metha and Dubai Marina
On Monday, Rove introduced Cornyn at a campaign rally in Longview.
You can view the opening segment of "The Simpsons" featuring Karl Rove below.
Kelly also asked Rove how Republicans intended to appeal to minority groups, especially Hispanics, after doing so much to alienate them in 2012.
Opinions of Rove were less negative by July of this summer -- although still on balance more negative than positive.
Karl Rove apparently dropped by unannounced to meetings of managers at the Fish and Wildlife Service and sent polling data to political appointees in such agencies to ensure that routine decisions were made according to the White House's political priorities.
But once Rove was implicated, all the usual Republican suspects made the rounds of the Washington chat shows to extol the master of gutter politics.
McClellan says Rove still has the president's confidence and that he "wouldn't be working here at the White House" if he didn't.
In the FRC's March fund-raising letter, Connor asked activists to sign memos to Rove thanking the White House for honoring the family and imploring the Bush administration to "take a bold public stand against homosexual activism, especially as it relates to threats to the moral, spiritual and physical well-being of children.
A measure of where Treasury stands is the location of the Rove meetings: Snow goes to his office.
Instead, we provide our users with the flexibility to use any mobile device they choose at the moment convenient for them, all from a single license," explained Russell Ure, President of Rove.
27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BLAZE, the nationally recognized PR firm that represents leading brands in food & beverage, consumer, retail and lifestyle announced the addition of the new brand rove to its roster.
com/printer/articles/69276-exclusive-inside-karl-roves-billionaire-fundraiser) According to Bloomberg Businessweek , Rove was at a Republican National Convention fundraiser when he joked, "We should sink Todd Akin.