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en route

Currently traveling to someone or something. We're en route to the party and should be there in five minutes. It looks like the package is en route and should arrive today.
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route someone or something around something

to send someone or something on a path that avoids something. The travel agent routed us around the congestion of the big city. Due to the storm, they routed the trains around the fallen bridge.
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route something to someone

to send something along a particular path to someone. Try to route this to Walter, who is on a ship at sea. I'll get the name of the ship for you. I will route a copy of the invoice to you.
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en route

On or along the way, as in We'll pick up Dan en route to the restaurant, or We can finish our discussion en route. This French term was adopted into English in the late 1700s.
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en ˈroute

(from French) on the way; while travelling from/to a particular place: We stopped for a picnic en route.The bus broke down en route from Boston to New York.
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Bernd Frank, CEO of RECY Systems AG in Unterschleissheim, Germany, which serves the scrap metal and paper industries, says that routing software should be integrated into the dispatch process.
In addition to private recyclers, municipalities and haulers serving them are also interested in improving recycling routing efficiency.
The city of Denton, Texas, is currently-working on implementing routing software for its commercial recycling operations.
By combining the routing and weighing module, you can tie a weight to a route.
He adds that a shortcoming of routing software in general is that it often does not take into account "safe left turns," for which truckers would have to know whether the stop light has a left turn signal.
BGP attributes describe various metrics about a route and are used by a router to apply the site's or AS's routing policy to routes received from other ASs or sent to them.
The router then applies the routing policy of the AS (i.
After the routing announcement has been passed through the route map, all of the information on it has been acted on, and local BGP parameters have been set.
This route is then stored in the routing or forwarding table.
utilization thresholds exceeded, routing changes impacting traffic);
adding or removing routers or links, changing routing attributes) based on the actual network, and immediately see their impact on traffic network-wide.
Traffic Explorer's unique what-if modeling tools help them assess the impact of changes to BGP attributes (such as adding new peers), or to IGP routing configurations (OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP) on all peering and transit traffic before actually making those changes.
Telcordia VoIP Routing Registry is one of the first solutions being introduced as part of Telcordia's IMS portfolio, which is helping carriers transform their businesses and is changing the way consumers and businesses communicate.
By analyzing both revenue and cost information associated with telecom traffic in near real-time, carriers can optimize network routing and identify capacity opportunities while ensuring that every call is captured, rated and billed accurately.
In theory, once entered, payment routing information can be stored and used to route future transactions via the least-cost alternative(s) available.