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en route

Currently traveling to someone or something. We're en route to the party and should be there in five minutes. It looks like the package is en route and should arrive today.
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route someone or something around something

to send someone or something on a path that avoids something. The travel agent routed us around the congestion of the big city. Due to the storm, they routed the trains around the fallen bridge.
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route something to someone

to send something along a particular path to someone. Try to route this to Walter, who is on a ship at sea. I'll get the name of the ship for you. I will route a copy of the invoice to you.
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en route

On or along the way, as in We'll pick up Dan en route to the restaurant, or We can finish our discussion en route. This French term was adopted into English in the late 1700s.
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en ˈroute

(from French) on the way; while travelling from/to a particular place: We stopped for a picnic en route.The bus broke down en route from Boston to New York.
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Route 6 Tourist Association, a nonprofit organization promoting economic development and cultural preservation of inner cities, small towns and rural communities located along the route.
If the QB continues to drop back after three steps, the corner should, while back-peddling, shift his eyes immediately to the receiver, and proceed to the next level of man coverage--which is reading the route and the body language of the receiver.
The timing of lunch with driving past the driver's favorite fast food restaurant should not weigh heavily in the route sequence.
Roberts is working with contacts in Inyo County to gain recognition for the route, which now ends in Bishop, in Inyo County.
Then a set of outgoing filters are applied, again using route maps, to decide which routes should be passed along (announced) to the router's peers.
By bringing the cornerback into play in the quick game, the defense will be taking away those routes vs the flat area.
Transit advocates also welcomed the Antelope Valley route.
By making a switch call, we could switch the routes - have #1 run the flag and #2 the deep out underneath the flag.
For those who grew up in Southern California, however, Route 66 is infused with entirely different overtones.
The "Routes for Running Backs" [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 2 OMITTED] indicates the name of the routes and what we want our backs (H and F) to do.
There was more supporting and feeder traffic to the international and regional routes originating from Chengdu.
The accompanying diagrams show all the numbered routes vs bump and run defenders backs who have been taught how to take the inside or outside away from the receivers.
At the core of the routing engine is a 65nm/45nm shape-based multi-CPU DRC engine that evaluates complex shape-based DRCs as it routes.
With the exception of utility companies, fire and Forest Service crews, the winding route along mountain ridges has been largely abandoned since the 1930s, when more direct routes were carved through flat lands.
A 3-step drop and four routes which enabled two different QBs to throw for 2,000 yards and 20 TDs