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en route

Currently traveling to someone or something. We're en route to the party and should be there in five minutes. It looks like the package is en route and should arrive today.
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route someone or something around something

to send someone or something on a path that avoids something. The travel agent routed us around the congestion of the big city. Due to the storm, they routed the trains around the fallen bridge.
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route something to someone

to send something along a particular path to someone. Try to route this to Walter, who is on a ship at sea. I'll get the name of the ship for you. I will route a copy of the invoice to you.
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en route

On or along the way, as in We'll pick up Dan en route to the restaurant, or We can finish our discussion en route. This French term was adopted into English in the late 1700s.
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en ˈroute

(from French) on the way; while travelling from/to a particular place: We stopped for a picnic en route.The bus broke down en route from Boston to New York.
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On Tuesday, Hearns and Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford met at Palmdale's Transportation Center to showcase the joint effort to recognize the old route.
What is so intriguing about it is that it usually indicates some sort of short route.
Although Route Reporter is actually more intended for network providers than multi-homed sites, it is still an example of the new generation of tools being offered to address the growing importance of Internet routing.
The Route Explorer is priced separately, from $20,000 to $100,000, depending on network size.
The route wasn't totally unknown to him because he was born in Gary, Ind.
BGP attributes describe various metrics about a route and are used by a router to apply the site's or AS's routing policy to routes received from other ASs or sent to them.
Whenever our receivers run their routes with good technique, we always expect the slant vs single coverage.
Through the San Fernando Valley, the rail line would follow the existing Metrolink route to Union Station, with stations tentatively planned for Sylmar and Burbank.
All routes are numbered and are run the same except that because it's a 90 call, the playside numbering will begin from the left.
Freeway Drivers Can Now Find Fastest Route around Traffic Jams in Just Seconds
This is probably why every Route 66 guidebook is written in an east-to-west narrative.
The "Routes for Running Backs" [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 2 OMITTED] indicates the name of the routes and what we want our backs (H and F) to do.
There was more supporting and feeder traffic to the international and regional routes originating from Chengdu.
All of our receivers were trained in highly pragmatic fashion to gain maximum separation from their defenders and run extremely disciplined routes.