route to

route (someone or something) to (something or some place)

To send or direct someone or something along a particular path to someone or something else. Our company routes the donated clothes and food to families in need all over the state. Air traffic controllers routed us to Houston after averse weather conditions made it impossible to land in Dallas.
See also: route

route something to someone

to send something along a particular path to someone. Try to route this to Walter, who is on a ship at sea. I'll get the name of the ship for you. I will route a copy of the invoice to you.
See also: route
References in classic literature ?
Just beyond them, my guide informed me, lay the valley of Happar, while along their summits, and skirting the head of the vale, was my route to Nukuheva.
It reminded us that we were hemmed in by hostile tribes, whose territories we could not hope to pass, on our route to Nukuheva, without encountering the effects of their savage resentment.
He reached Kazeh, on his return, on the 25th of August, and, in company with Burton, again took up the route to Zanzibar, where they arrived in the month of March in the following year.
Hann is trying to build up interest in the old route to draw tourists and motorists in much the same way Route 66 has become an attraction.
The premise for this is to get the corner out of position, when in actuality the receiver is in route to only run a curl or a comeback.
She continues, "It was inflexible for moving customers from one position on the route to another.
decides which route to use for a given prefix) by applying a route map to all the announcements in all the Adj-RIB-In tables.
Commuter highway locations have now become a focus for the well-known coffee experts, and they have used the drive-through retail concept to serve morning commuters en route to work.
Hann, a retired firefighter, is trying to build up interest in the old highway route to draw in tourists and motorists in much the same way Route 66 has become an attraction.
After sticking the defender and converting the route to the slant area, the receiver must fix his eyes on the QB.
Through the San Fernando Valley, the rail line would follow the existing Metrolink route to Union Station, with stations tentatively planned for Sylmar and Burbank.
In our play calls, the first-named route applies to the H back and the second-named route to our F back (unless designated otherwise).
Also, on a day trip from Laughlin, you can wind into the Arizona hills to the former mining town of Oatman - perhaps continuing on that desolate route to a lunch stop in Kingman, Ariz.